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Rag News: October 2019

Size “of the Bale” Matters  In the wholesale of mixed rags and credentials, the size of the bales matter a great deal! Whether you use a vertical (down-stroke) or a horizontal baler, the dimensions of the bales will impact the weight of the load. While the industry standard aims for 1,000 pound bales, most suppliers make bales … Continue reading Rag News: October 2019

Rag News: September 2019

Ground-Breaking Innovation Manufacturing “New” out of Used, at Industrial Scale Bank & Vogue is proud to announce that we have developed the capacity to remanufacture post-consumer apparel at industrial scale. Our work with Converse on their Converse Renew Denim collection has introduced an innovative reinvention of used apparel and made it into the world’s most … Continue reading Rag News: September 2019