Tips for Managing Relationships With Buyers


Looking to get better, more productive relationships with buyers? Want to get more buyers interested in your credential clothing, mixed rags or other used products? Want to increase sales overall, with more repeat business?

Here are some tips that will help position you better in your process with buyers, increasing your return on investment and enhancing your future business.


Lots of Sellable Items Per Load

Buyers are looking for the most attractive load possible. What does that look like?

  • Make sure that loads are tightly packed (more packed = more merchandise)
  • But it’s not just quantity; the quality of the load is highly important
  • Buyers are looking for more sellable items per load
  • No damaged or unwearable items
  • Make sure the items are in good condition and have the best presentation possible

Buyers tend to have long memories. They’re apt not to do business again with a seller who delivered inferior quality goods. Conversely, buyers are happy to establish long-term business relationships with sellers who consistently come through with quality product.

It’s worth investing a bit of time and resources up front to make a good first impression with a buyer. That first impression will go a long way toward determine whether you’ll earn more business with this buyer in the future.

Be Hyper-Aware of the Outside

B&V pile of jeans

Just as overall quality of the load is important, the presentation of the visible side(s) is the highest priority. This is the proverbial “business end,” showcasing what the customer can anticipate with a purchase.

  • Have your best clothing facing outside
  • Make sure that items in one are consistent and neatly arranged
  • The quality of the whole load will be judged by what’s on the outside
  • No hanging items off the side (in the case of mixed rags)

Again, it’s about first impressions. The more neatly arranged and respectably presented you can make a load, the likelier it is that the buyer will want to keep buying from you.

It’s psychological. A buyer would probably look at a poorly presented load and think, “If they didn’t bother to take care of what’s on the outside, how bad is it on the inside?!”

Diversity of Product

While you want a uniform appearance on the outside of a given load, as in “not hodgepodge or randomly thrown together,” it’s also good to remember diversity in your overall offering.

B&V loading containers

Don’t send clothes that are all for one season, e.g. all winter. It’s better to provide a diverse range of seasons, clothing thickness and functionality, etc.

Don’t send all one colour. All black, for example, wouldn’t be appealing in tropical countries where black would get pretty hot, pretty fast!

If there’s anything that might come up later, address it up-front with your buyer. Don’t overpromise and under-deliver. It’s always better to be on the level, and then to “wow!” people later with something that’s a pleasant surprise.

Remember, buyers are looking for quality product and good communication from you.

If you can carry this out consistently, you can plan on having good relationships with buyers and increased returns on your investment.

To learn more about what buyers are looking for and how you can increase your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bank & Vogue.

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