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If you are looking for contact information for a specific member of our team, you have come to the right place! We have a great team, and anyone here will be able to help you directly or point you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you.

Purchasing, Sales and Logistics

Michael Pariente Sales Director Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 139 Email:
Erin Narlock Purchasing and Sales Manager, North America Phone: +1-613-747-8465 Email:
Mike Cruikshank Purchasing and Sales Coordinator, North America and India Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 171 Email:
Jorge Felices Sales Coordinator, Central and South America Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 104 Email:
Huma Ashraf Purchasing and Sales Coordinator, North America Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 159 Email:
Lawrence Morroni Logistics & Sales Coordinator, North & South America Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 116 Email:
Gino Nini Logistics, Purchasing & Sales Coordinator, North America and Middle East Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 106 Phone:
Jeremy Narlock Logistics & Sales Coordinator, North America & Pakistan Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 125 Email:
Hans Kroll Sales Coordinator, Central and South America Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 113 Email:

Finance and Accounting

Catherine Basso Accounting Manager Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 109 Email:
John Cain Accounts Receivable Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 134 Email:
Lai Fun Leong Accounts Payable Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 111 Email:
Feras Aldaoud Junior Accountant Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 137 Email:
Julio Alvarenga Analyst Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 133 Email:
Erika Fujita Accounting Clerk Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 128 Email:

Vintage Wholesale

Darlene McLennon Production Manager Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 105 Email:


Jose Torio Lead Generation & CRM Marketing Manager Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 145 Email:
Alice Sheehan Supply Consultant Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 189 Email:


Steven Bethell President Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 100 Email:
Sue McLennan  V.P. Sustainability and Business Development Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 141 Email:
Bert Plant V. P. Finance Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 108 Email:
Gary Schweyer Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 135 Email:
Kristen Evans Office Manager Phone: +1-613-747-8465 ext. 199 Email: