Innovative and relevant solutions for the crisis of stuff

Our Story

The story of Bank and Vogue is one about following your passion and beliefs, creating opportunities for our suppliers and customers, and building a great family-based business. Most importantly however, the purpose of our business is to develop Innovative and Relevant Solutions for the Crisis of Stuff.

Started in the early 90’s by Steven Bethell (Instagram: beyondbethell and Twitter: @StevenBethell) and Helene Carter-Bethell in the basement of their home to help provide a service to the Salvation Army, Bank and Vogue has grown to become a unique player in the second hand goods market globally – combining incredible knowledge and experience in wholesale, retail, design and manufacturing and providing creative ideas and solutions to help deal with the overwhelming amount of “stuff” that we all consume. We want to play a meaningful role in defining, contributing to and building a closed loop economy.

Cutting-Edge Used Clothing Brokers

On the wholesale side, as a used clothing broker we look to find new and innovative ways for charities to raise revenue so they can fund important community programs. We work with our customers to find great quality used product and store returns for domestic and international markets. We partner with private collectors to help minimize the impact of used clothing on the environment.

Bank Vogue_Our Story

Last year, we moved over 90 million pounds of used goods around the world, saving them from the landfill and finding new homes for these products.

Visionary Retailers

On the retail side, we hand-pick used items from around the world for our retail stores in Europe and online. Founded in 2002, Beyond Retro stands as a vintage and retro clothing paradise for lovers of unique and special pieces. Along with our global e-commerce site, our retail network recycles and resells approximately of 500,000 items each year.

Our private Beyond Retro Label products highlights our design and manufacturing capabilities as a beautiful finishing touch on helping bring new life to old stuff – closing the loop. Crafted from reclaimed materials, this apparel line aligns our passion for original design with a mounting concern for declining global resources. To date we have diverted 600,000 garments from the landfill to develop new and amazing products. Beyond Retro Label leverages the world’s collective closet to deliver full-circle fashion.

We are continually traveling to find new product, meet new partners, and deliver to markets all over the world. No matter which part of our business you work with, you will find a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people providing excellent service and committed to finding solutions for the crisis of stuff. We look forward to working with you.