Terms of service

Bank & VOGUE's


Requesting and Resolving Credits

Our goal is to source the best quality goods for our Customers and to work closely with our Suppliers to achieve a commitment to product quality, good packaging, and maximizing weights. We must all work together to produce products that can meet everyone’s needs, while at the same time provide revenue opportunities for our Suppliers, and deliver products that will result in profitable revenue for our Customers.

While we always strive to attain 100% satisfaction with all goods that we buy and sell, from time to time we receive a request to provide a partial credit for a load as a result of a weight discrepancy or an issue with the product quality. It is our job at all times to provide the best customer service to ensure a balanced approach to resolving these challenges, while at the same time ensure that we have the evidence required to quickly negotiate a fair and reasonable adjustment should one be necessary.

Providing Evidence

Bank & Vogue always requires timely evidence in order to document all requests for credit adjustments to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome. Evidence such as pictures, video, scale tickets, etc. are crucial. All evidence must be received within five (5) business days from the receipt of product. If documentation and evidence is not received within five (5) business days, Bank & Vogue will not be able to process any requests unless otherwise agreed to with a Bank & Vogue representative. While our goal is to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, our investigation process can only begin once reasonable evidence has been received and identified.

Protection of Property

At no time should product be destroyed without written authorization of Bank and Vogue. We may be able to return or redirect product and will only authorize destruction of product as a last resort. If products are destroyed without written authorization, including reasonable evidence and documentation, Bank and Vogue will be unable to process any credits for the product.

Fair and Reasonable Resolution

Bank & Vogue’s commitment to our customers and suppliers means that we always strive for a fair and reasonable resolution to any issues that arise. Our commitment to you is that we will be transparent and provide regular communication in order to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.