Our FAQs

Wholesale used clothes refer to used garments that are sold in bulk at lower prices to retailers, businesses, or individuals who intend to resell them. 

The used clothing is collected by for-profit organizations such as private collectors and non-profit organizations such as charities. These garments are sold in bulk to thrift stores, retailers, and graders worldwide. These textiles are usually sold in three different types of packaging: Loose, Baled, and Capsacks. A typical order at Bank and Vogue will be a 40′ High Cube Container or a 53′ Trailer with a minimum of 40,000 lbs of textiles.

Wholesale Used Clothing can be bought directly through Charities, Private Collectors, or Brokers such as Bank and Vogue. The main advantage of working with a full-service brokerage operation like Bank and Vogue is that you can access multiple loads from different locations at the correct market price. Apart from that, the customer will receive support regarding logistics and, in some cases, short-term financing.

If you are starting in the industry, we recommend buying small quantities in your local market until you can sort at least 40,000 lbs of textiles a month. Once you reach that scale, you are ready to buy a 40 HC Container or a 53 Trailer of textiles. You will need a Tax ID and a Resale Certificate if you are based in the United States. If you are based outside the United States and planning to import a 40 HC Container, you will need a customs agent to help you with the clearance process in your end market.

Finding wholesale used clothing vendors can be tricky, but you can find these vendors:

  • At trade shows
  • Online
  • Through directories
  • Via social media like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Finding these can be tricky because there needs to be an element of trust. It is also not easy to access the high-yield loads and best locations. 

You can start right here with B&V, where we can provide you with advice regarding products, locations, prices, logistics, and warehousing.