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Bank & Vogue

A Used Clothing Broker & Global Participant in the Circular Economy

Bank & Vogue is a global leader in the facilitation, logistics, purchase and reselling of wholesale used goods. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we have longstanding relationships with suppliers and buyers of used clothing and other goods across North America and around the world. We play a role in the Circular Economy of fashion and other used goods, doing our part to help create a sustainable solution to the amount of “stuff” that is consumed worldwide. We are committed to a sustainable economy that benefits our planet and future generations. Bank & Vogue is a used clothing broker working with thrift stores, wholesalers, distributors, shipping companies and much more. We help charities raise revenue, find new homes and uses for existing garments, and are continuously seeking new markets and avenues to expand business and create partnerships.

Our Bulk Used Products

Bank & Vogue, a used clothing broker and leader in wholesale used goods worldwide, supports local communities as well as the greater global good by giving used products a second life. We facilitate the purchase and sale of both original donations as well as salvage items. Original donations include credential clothing and other original, unsorted and untouched items going directly from donors to end users. On the salvage side, we specialize in mixed rags, used shoes, bric brac, and other unsold items from thrift stores. Rely on our vast network of suppliers and customers around the world, as well as our experience and in-depth knowledge of used products.

Our Bulk Store Returns

We also feature store returns and “like new” items from major US retailers. This includes store-returned and wholesale clothing and shoes, housewares, toys and baby rummage, sporting goods, furniture and seasonal products. From returns to overstock, we’ve got well-established relationships with retailers and distributors, ensuring the quality product and loads that are consistently prepared and, in some cases, even fully manifested for your peace of mind. We make it a point to spend time on the road, getting to know our suppliers and their businesses. With Bank & Vogue, you’re getting a partner who knows the store return & liquidation business inside and out. If there's something specific you are looking for, let us know.

Why Choose Bank & Vogue 

Bank & Vogue is a leader in the used good industry. As a used clothing broker we work with suppliers across the US and Canada, from thrift stores and manufacturers to well-known retailers. We have a distribution network that spans the globe as well, connecting with our logistics expertise. At Bank & Vogue we’re also focused on leveraging our role in the global community, contributing towards a solution to what we’ve come to call “the Crisis of Stuff.” With increasing awareness of the Circular Economy, we’re committed to diverting waste from landfill, finding new homes and alternative uses for used goods.