Scott & Lawrence Hit Miami FL!

Recently Scott, our VP and Lawrence our multi-lingual Logistics/SalesCoordinator took a trip to Miami to meet with Customers, Sellersand Freight -forwarding Partners.

Their first stop was a large warehouse which sells major department store overstock, liquidations, closeouts and returns. This is a great opportunity to buy ‘new’ goods with favorite brand names for a discounted price. They saw excellent product selection of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoesand undergarments.

The loads of clothing that they put together consist of a graded mix of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. These loads have a nice balanced mix of types and sizes of clothing to create a high quality load. And with distribution centers opening soon on the East Coast and in the state of Texas, This seller can ship almost anywhere.

The guys then checked out a few of our newest customers including, one small and friendly warehouse that is looking to soon expand.  We sell them primarily with Mixed Rag and Credential from the state of FL and surrounding areas. This customer is also interested in hard and soft toys as well as winter mix.

They visited one of our customers who exports to the Caribbean. We have been selling this customer with shoes and credential, and will soon begin backpacks, purses, and toys.

After all of Scott and Lawrence’s business appointments they were able to let loose at the restaurant of Gloria Estefan, Bongos Cuban Café and Nightclub. Both Lawrence and Scott described the experience as memorable, “It was great to get out of the warehouses and check out the lively culture and entertainment that Miami has to offer,” Scott says.


MacArthur Causeway Miami FL


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