What is Our Role as a Recycled Clothing Seller?

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Recycling clothing is an increasingly important part of the textile industry. There is a lot that can be salvaged from old clothing. That’s why it’s better to donate your old clothing instead of throwing it way. Some of it will be used in the secondhand clothing market – thirft stores, vintage clothing or new lives […]

4 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Reverse Logistics Processing

Reverse Logistics Consulting

Reverse logistics is a complex field, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t simple ways you can improve the efficiency of your reverse logistics systems and infrastructure. Find out how to boost profit margins by considering these tips to fine-tune your reverse supply chain logistics processing with Bank & Vogue.

Store Returns and Recycling: Mitigating Loss, Protecting the Environment

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During retail high season, from September through December, stores and ecommerce retailers optimize their logistical networks to meet high demand with a constant flow of goods. Once this season is over, demand sharply drops off, and post-holiday returns begin. Unwanted, damaged, spoiled, or otherwise un-valued merchandise wants to swim ‘back upstream’. This glut of returned […]