4 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Reverse Logistics Processing

Reverse logistics is a complex field, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t simple ways you can improve the efficiency of your reverse logistics systems and infrastructure.

Find out how to boost profit margins by considering these tips to fine-tune your reverse supply chain logistics processing with Bank & Vogue.

1) Analyze Customer Service Trends

Your customer service department is a treasure-trove of data and insight that, if analyzed carefully, can reveal significant opportunities to improve profit margins.

Reviewing trends in customer service inquiries can expose you to patterns indicating problems in need of solution. A high volume of customer interaction concerning a common issue is an opportunity to significantly improve efficiency with a simple solution.

Don’t be afraid to talk face-to-face with your customer service employees. Asking them honestly what they would improve about their work can reveal valuable insight. The best understanding of the challenges your customer service department faces comes as a result of both top-down and bottom-up analysis!

2) Follow The Reverse Fulfillment Process To Identify Points of Risk

Following products as they make their way back up your supply chain is a great way to establish a comprehensive awareness of your points of risk.

Perhaps doing so will reveal that an outsourced repair partner is encountering a problem causing them to hold your works in progress. Becoming aware of this hold, and taking steps to address the problem, can improve the efficiency of your reverse logistics processing now and into the future.

3) Outsource to Access Key Reverse Logistics Competencies

The market is generally capable of providing stronger skills than a business is capable of developing internally, but not all reverse supply chain processing tasks ought to be outsourced.

To strikes a balance, it is important to identify which skills you are most in need of accessing imminently, and which your business is better left cultivating internally over time.

Determining the balance best for your business can be difficult, especially for businesses yet to establish expert skill and understanding in the domain reverse logistics. For this reason, outsourcing for help to determine this balance is often the best starting-point for businesses to maximize the efficiency of their reverse logistics processing.

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