Sourcing and Selling Credential Clothing and Mixed Rags with Bank & Vogue

As a for-profit thrift retailer, non-profit charity, or international recycled clothing retailer; you face unique challenges to businesses. For those operating thrift store or clothing charities in North America, finding a home for clothes you cannot cost-effectively process is a major struggle. For those selling recycled clothing internationally, a reliable source for product is a massive asset. Find out how Bank & Vogue can build a bridge between these two groups by learning about our Credential Clothing and Mixed Rags Services.

What is Credential Clothing?

Resellers and charities like Value Village, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. face logistical challenges that limit them to recycling and re-selling only about 20% of the clothing they receive.


In order to survive as businesses, these retailers have little choice but to sacrifice the efficiency of their donations processing in order to manage costs. These organizations have built their brands around the idea of low-cost alternatives to new clothing, limiting their ability to invest in the facilities and salaries required to effectively process and resell 100% of their donations!

Recycled CLothing LogisticsWhile 20% is not an ideal number, it is better than 0% that would result from going out of business, and so non-profit and charity clothing retailers are forced to find responsible solutions to off-load the 80% of donations that are not processed, known as Credential Clothing.

Bank & Vogue offers these retailers a solution to this problem that is ecologically-conscious and revenue-positive. We purchase credential clothing in bulk, and perform the logistical work of connecting it to other retailers and markets worldwide. For more information on buying or selling credential clothing, refer to our credential clothing service page.

What are Mixed Rags?

Thrift and second-hand retailer’s across North America have thresholds that define the amount of time an item can be left on store shelves before being replaced. When an item passes this threshold, or when donations are not suitable for resale, they are classified as ‘mixed rags’ (sometimes known as ‘Institutional’).

Bank & Vogue works with a diverse range of thrift retailers, not-for-profits, and charitable institutions from all across Canada and the United States as our source for mixed rags. Our sellers provide mixed rags in half-tonne bales for shipment via truck or shipping container, which we make available for international export. For more information on buying or selling mixed rags from Bank and Vogue, refer to our mixed rags service page.

Solution to Too Much, or Not Enough, Used Clothing

Bank & Vogue provides charities and for-profit retailers all over the world an opportunity to not only substantially reduce their environmental impact, but to profit while doing so. To find out what Bank & Vogue can do for your business or charity, don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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