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Credential Clothing

Original Credential Clothing Donations Wholesaler

wholesale-used-clothing“Credential clothing” refers to original, unsorted, unopened clothing donations. Bank & Vogue buys credential clothing from charities and for-profit collectors across North America. Our suppliers collect in a variety of ways including home pick-up routes, bins, in-store drop-offs and donation stations.

Credential clothing is unsorted clothing packaged in bales. Even though the product is unsorted any hard items or lotions that can damage the clothing are removed from the bags. Any shoes, purses and belts will remain with the load. Contact Bank & Vogue today to purchase wholesale used clothing for your business.


Buyer & Supplier Of Wholesale Credential Clothing


Depending on the supplier and location, we can buy loose or baled credentials in full 53-foot trailer loads for the domestic market and 40-foot high-cube ocean containers for export. Weights vary depending on packaging and loading. Loose credential clothing has a minimum weight of 25,000 – 30,000 pounds and baled credential clothing has a minimum target weight of 40,000 pounds.

If your company is looking for bulk used clothing we have what you need. Contact Bank & Vogue today for all shipping and packaging details.

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