Rag News: February 2020

The Future of Circular Fashion

  The future of our world has always been in our own hands and continues to be. However, the world is now beginning to realize the importance of Circular Fashion. Circular Fashion is the future for our planet, and without it our planet may not survive. The amount of waste that is created year after year in the landfills due to textile goods is immense. This affects our planet and has a huge impact in the climate change we see now a days. Not only are there tons of textile goods in our landfills every year, but this type of waste does not decompose easily. Which is the reason why consumers have become more cautious on the items they use and buy for their household. There is a huge change in the consumer habits that have been adapted in the last couple years.

The damage of textile goods to our world

The U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to the landfills every single year. Which can take several centuries to fully decompose. Meanwhile, throughout the process it emits methane; which is a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide. In order to help, there needs to be an understanding that nothing just goes away when we dispose of it. It goes away from our homes, but they end up somewhere to be decomposed somewhere in the land of this planet. The climate change we have seen in all parts of the world has been affected by the immense amount of pollution we have emitted.


Changes to consumer habits

This generation has been one to see the effects our actions have impacted the world. Hence why this generation has created a drastic change to their consumer habits that have impacted the way they shop and purchase products. They are more conscious of the products they buy, from organic to environmentally friendly. This is just the beginning of the change, many more companies in the fashion industry have began to adapt to circular fashion. With the development of many new technologies that recycle textile goods to create new products. More companies will be adapting this method of fashion into their business model, which adapts to the changes in consumer habits.


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