Creating a better world for our Kids

A group of kids working together on arts and crafts

Being an example to our kids

We are the example for our kids, which alone is a huge responsibility. We have the responsibility to teach our kids the important things in life and how they should act in all different types of situations. Given that, it is our duty to ensure we create a better world for our kids. Likewise, ensure they are prepared to take on this world. Not only in social, educational, or work situations; but also, in the importance and the way we take care of our environment and the world we live in. There is a huge difference in society nowadays, with the accessibility to the internet and technology. This can make it more difficult for kids to be more in touch with the environment since the amount of time spent outdoors may decrease. There are a few ways to encourage sustainable habits for your family and specifically for your kids.

Creating a better world

One of the best ways to ensure our world is a better place for the next generations is to teach them how to take care of their world at a young age. Parents are always the example for their kids, which is why it’s important to establish the habits you want your kids to adapt, to your own life first. Furthermore, once the habits are set from a young age when they become adults it will become natural for them. Transforming your home into a green home can make a huge impact on the environment and the lives of your family members.

A few ways to make your home a little more environmentally friendly:

  1. Spend more time as a family doing outdoor activities. This will not only improve your family’s health but will also give your kids a special care for the environment.
  2. Make sure the whole family uses reusable tupperware and water bottles. This will help the environment by reducing the amount of plastics that end up in the oceans, as well as constantly remind your little ones to stay hydrated.
  3. Give back to the world, plant a tree or clean up a park. It is important to give back to this world for all that it gives us, a simple way to do that is to spend time taking care of it. Cleaning up when you see any waste or planting a tree can have a huge impact in this world. It can also become a fun activity to do with your family.
  4. Teach your kids to recycle by reusing something that might have normally be disposed of. Create jean shorts out of jeans that may be too short, it can be a family DIY project.

All in all, it is important to create a relationship between the environment and our kids. One of the best ways to do that is to be the example for our kids, and encourage them to participate by making it a family endeavor.

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