Eco Fashion Can Benefit from Eco Logistics

The fashion industry has been shifting towards more eco-friendly and ethical fashion. But there’s more to the fashion industry than the clothing itself. After it’s designed and manufactured, the clothing must be packaged, shipped, stored, and then marketed and sold to customers.  If fashion itself can be more sustainable, what about the logistics? If logistics is thought out carefully it results in less mileage, less fuel used, less space wasted, and MORE revenue.  Some important ways to improve logistics efficiency are:

  • Plan transport routes carefully ahead of time and make sure trucks are packed full both ways.
  • Ensure the carton size is optimized for the item being shipped.
  • Cleaner shipping options such as ocean and rail are easier on the environment than truck and air.

Another important aspect is making sure you’re letting customers know about your sustainable fashion/logistics initiatives. If you’re making clothes out of organic fabric, using recyclable packaging or shipping sustainably, they should know about it! There are many benefits to having a sustainable retail environment. It is a great incentive to customers to shop in a store that is taking the time to do good work for the environment and the community. Try transitioning to a more natural retail setup by using soft natural lighting, organic and/or recycled materials, using paper fibre hangers, and using reusable shopping bags.

Combining eco fashion, eco logistics, and eco branding will improve the fashion industry in terms of sustainability and profit. The consumer will find it easier to connect with the brand, and will appreciate the environmental priorities, leading to brand loyalty and trust.

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