Not Just Used Clothing: We Deal in Used Shoes, Belts, Purses & More

  The wholesale used goods industry is thriving, and Bank & Vogue plays a vital role in it. Over the past 20 years, we have been investing our resources in discovering new opportunities in the wholesale used goods niche, reducing landfill and promoting a circular economy. As a leading brand in this industry, we’ve found […]

How Used Clothing Brokers Buy & Sell Bulk Used Clothing

Used clothing brokers need to have a vast array of expertise, knowledge, and skills to become leaders in the market. We buy and sell bulk used clothing that’s ready for wholesale. This bulk used clothing includes seasonal, children’s, women’s and men’s clothing – and and array of used goods such as purses, belts, shoes and […]

How We Sell Used Shoes as Used Clothing Brokers

used shoes in a pile

The global market for used clothing and other used goods is on the rise. In particular, bulk used shoes are seeing more market penetration and opportunities opening up. As one of the leading used clothing brokers, Bank & Vogue aims to support the Circular Economy by sourcing and selling used shoes, clothing, and other goods […]

The Global Market for Used Shoes in 2020

used shows & boots at flea market

Climate change and pollution have been the most heavily debated topics in the past few years, and at Bank & Vogue we recognize the need to take care of our environment if we want our environment to take care of us. One of the industries that has the a significant effect on our environment today […]

How Secondhand Toys Make Their Way Across the World

collection of used toys

It’s never been easier to buy secondhand toys in any part of the world than today. Modern technology is so advanced that used toys can be bought, sold or swapped with a few taps of a keyboard or mobile device. This is also an excellent way to save and make money, as there’s always a need […]

The International Market for Used Purses

woman holding a used vintage handbag

The used goods market is on the rise across the world. At first, it started in Africa and Asia, but today even North America has a big second-hand product market. People are buying used clothing and accessories, both in-store and online. Baled purses, jewelry, shirts, and all kinds of other items are being sold more […]

Mixed Rags: Finding a 2nd, 3rd or Even 4th Use for Clothing

used clothing mixed rags

The wholesale market for used clothing has been expanding over the last decade. This was partly out of necessity, but mostly because of the ever-increasing consumer demand. The rise of the fast fashion trend made consumers go on a buying frenzy, but it also resulted in an increased amount of donations made by loyal customers. […]

The Global Credential Clothing Market for 2020

sealed bags of donated used clothing

Credential Clothing is an industry-specific term that is unique to the clothing industry. This term refers to donations of original clothing which can include textiles, shoes and purses as well. Credential clothing is first collected in various donation centers and drop boxes throughout different locations. To meet the standards of credential clothing, these materials need […]

The Continued Journey of Used Credential Clothing – How & Where We Ship

cargo container ship sailing across ocean

Not long ago we discussed the global journey of credential clothing, talking about how garments begin in a factory in one part of the world, make their initial journey of distribution to a different region, live their first lives before moving onto a new iteration in likely yet another country. Today we’re going to focus […]