Family Plan for the Summer: Upcycling Your Clothes!

Do you have old T-shirts in your closet that you don’t wear anymore? Are there jeans in your dresser that have seen better days? Do you ever find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe, thinking that you don’t have anything to wear?

Don’t worry – there’s a perfect solution! You can upcycle your clothes, and turn them into new and inspiring pieces! Of course, you can always sell or donate used clothing, but what if something is not in very good shape for donation or sale? What if you’re emotionally attached to it? You can simply give it a makeover, and not only revamp your clothes, but also help the environment.

It’s all part of the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle concept that we full support in a Circular Economy that’s designed for a sustainable future.

Here are some creative ideas for upcycling used clothing that you can turn into a fun family hobby for the summer.

A Denim Skirt from Oversized Jeans

If you have some oversized jeans that you can’t wear, why not turn them into a fashionable denim skirt? Simply cut out the center seam, take in as much fabric on the sides as it’s necessary for your new skirt to fit you perfectly, and sew the sides back together.

You can also cut out the back pockets, but you can embellish them with glitter or a fun print as well. If you don’t know how to sew, your mom or grandma can do it for you.

Patch Shorts from Old Jeans

used fabric upcycled into kimonoHave an old pair of jeans that only take up space in your wardrobe? Breathe new life into them by turning them into shorts!

Just like with your denim skirt, you can embellish the shorts with a creative print. Cut out an old T-shirt, and sew the print on the pockets and the hems.

A Kimono from a Dress

Do you have an old dress that doesn’t fit anymore, but you’re too emotionally attached to give it away? Turn the dress into a kimono that’s perfect for the summer!

Just cut out its front part in the middle, and sew a hem to give it a nice finish. It will look like a brand-new kimono that you can easily match with jeans, shorts, and lots of skirts.

A Dress from a Man’s Shirt

used men's shirt can be used to make a dressWhen it comes to recycling clothing, men’s shirts are fantastic. You can create tons of stuff from them, but an upcycled summer dress may be the best option.

Cut out the sleeves, and as much fabric as you want from the sides. You can also cut out the collar, but it would also look adorable if you didn’t. Then, sew everything to create the hems, and you’re done! All that’s left is to find a nice belt, and you’ll have yourself a lovely summer dress!

Upcycling used clothing is incredibly easy and fun, and it’s an ideal hobby for you and your family. Are you perhaps thinking about doing it at a business level? You can! It’s a bit more challenging, but it can definitely make for a nice side hustle, second business or… who knows!

How Bank & Vogue Helps

If you’re thinking about buying or donating used clothing, we highly recommend going to a thrift store or charity donation centre. 

If you’re interesting in buying or selling bulk used clothing and other goods, contact us to find out more. Bank & Vogue is an industry leader in the wholesale purchase, sale and logistics of used goods worldwide.

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