Selling Your Mixed Rags With Bank & Vogue – Cashflow for Charity and Second Hand Clothing Retailers

Your store or charity receives donations, and sorts through them to find that approximately only 20% of items are fit to sell in store. These products are put into store shelves, and rotated every 3-4 weeks if unsold.

The majority of donations that do not make it to store shelves, as well as those that are not sold off shelves, create unique challenges and opportunities for charity and used-product retailers. While this product cannot generate value on the floor of your retail operation, with the right partners, it can still generate value. Find out how with Bank & Vogue.



Selling Salvage Clothing: Institutional/Mixed Rags

The clothing you receive that does not make it onto your shelves, as well as the clothing that does not make it off, might not be able to generate value in your marketbut it can in others.

Finding these markets, and connecting them with this salvage product, is not usually the business of used clothing retailers, but it is the business of Bank & Vogue.

By purchasing your Mixed Rags in bales of 1 000lbs, and connecting them to domestic and international markets, Bank & Vogue provides your business a range of benefits:

Recycle SHirt Benefits of Bank & Vogue – Quadruple Impact

Here are 4 prominent benefits of allowing Bank & Vogue to purchase your Mixed Rags and other salvage goods:

1) Selling product you would otherwise send to landfill allows your business or charity to capture significant value from an otherwise wasted resource, providing a consistent improvement to cash-flow and raising your bottom line.

2) By diverting thousands of tonnes of clothing and other goods from the landfill, your business or charity engages in recycling and ecological stewardship on a massive scale.

3) Providing your salvage goods to Bank & Vogue connects people in developing nations with high-quality product alternatives at prices they can afford.

4) Selling these goods for resale in foreign and domestic markets allows your business to participate in the creation of jobs for the used/recycled-product industry, helping to realize the full the value of clothing and products for people and economies worldwide.

More Than Just A Buyer Of Mixed Rags

Consulting services retail clothing recycleConcerned about establishing and operating the logistical systems required to access the benefits of selling your Mixed Rags with Bank & Vogue?

With over 20 years in the industry, we are fully capable of offering comprehensive logistical and retail consultation services to reduce the time and investment required for your operation to capture the value of your Mixed Rags and salvage product.

To find out more about how Bank & Vogue can help your business or non profit reap the value of your otherwise wasted salvage, we’re here to help!


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