Connecting Communities, Promoting Prosperity

More than just diverting millions of tonnes of textile from landfill every year, Bank & Vogue promotes the economic prosperity of local communities throughout North America and Africa. By providing the means by which North American charity, non-profit, and for-profit clothing collectors can connect with resellers in areas of economic development; humanity benefits in many ways.

Find out how we’re spreading ecological and economic prosperity worldwide, and how you can too, with Bank & Vogue.

How Clothing Donations Promote Prosperity Worldwide

For North America:

A North American person making a donation of clothing they don’t wear anymore is the first step on a grand adventure for those clothes.

Clothing CollectionEntering the collection bin, this donation has made it’s way into the first point on a grand logistical network. The work of sorting and re-selling these clothes not only employs thousands of people throughout the continent, but serves to provide low-cost clothing to millions throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

Avoiding Old Costs = Promoting New Growth

Of the clothes this person donates, thrift stores generally only are capable of putting about 20% of donations onto store shelves!

The rest used to be shipped directly to the landfill.

This old method would result in a steep environmental price in the form of pollution, and an equivalently deep economic price for used clothing collectors. It is not cheap to discard 80% of your donations, not to mention the cost of missing the opportunity to capture the value they would otherwise generate.

Today, Bank & Vogue will purchase the clothing that would otherwise be earmarked for landfill; providing a new stream of revenue for the clothing recycling industry. Our data suggests that this can account for up to 25% of a charities annual profit!

International Prosperity, The Africa Example

After purchasing the clothing recyclers are unable to cost-effectively process, Bank & Vogue ships it to grading facilities, where it is processed in bulk by an industry that provides prosperity of thousands of lives in North-America and overseas.

Finally, this graded clothing is shipped to several nations throughout Africa, providing an accessible alternative for those in economic circumstances that limit one’s access to new clothing.

Environmental and Economic Impact

bulk-used-clothing-supplier-ottawaBank & Vogue provides a second life to new clothing, and in doing so promotes economic and environmental prosperity worldwide.

By supporting recycling networks for used clothing, we promote the interests of thousands of families throughout North-America and abroad; all while diverting millions of tonnes of clothing from landfill.

Providing accessible alternatives to new clothing to those in developing nations worldwide allows those with less resources more power regarding how they use them. With less money required to clothe one’s family, more can be dedicated to feeding, housing, and educating them.

Participate in Prosperity

Find out more regarding how you can help promote ecological and environmental prosperity worldwide by coming back to the Bank & Vogue blog for new content every week!

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