The Global Credential Clothing Market for 2020

sealed bags of donated used clothing

Credential Clothing is an industry-specific term that is unique to the clothing industry. This term refers to donations of original clothing which can include textiles, shoes and purses as well. Credential clothing is first collected in various donation centers and drop boxes throughout different locations.

To meet the standards of credential clothing, these materials need to be:

  • untouched
  • in original bags or containers
  • in good condition
  • and ungraded

After being collected, these items are baled and sold in bulk as used credential clothing. This means that they are more valuable, unlike other second-hand clothing.

When buying these items, customers can often acquire valuable items, accessories and quality designer clothes.

The Current State of the Used Credential Clothing Market

credential clothing baleCredential clothing is a vital part of the global trade of second-hand clothing. Over 5 billion people globally buy used clothing and a lot of it includes credential clothing as well. Furthermore, there is a demand for even more quality used clothing, especially in smaller developing countries without their own established clothing industries.

Credential clothing has the power to respond to this big demand. This is because these items are high quality and in their original state while their cost is only a fraction of the price they had in retail. The used clothing trade has created an economy of its own. Many customers can afford to purchase quality clothing. As an added bonus, a lot of jobs are generated in this trade.

Credential Clothing Costs Exporters Less

The interest of consumers isn’t the only factor that contributes to the growth of a certain industry. The companies themselves need to have the right conditions to form a healthy ecosystem where they can benefit as well. 

Exporters don’t have to hire graders and involve them in the purchase process of used credential clothing. An experienced grader has a daily task of going over 40,000 lbs of clothes meaning that their labor is not that cheap. With no need for graders, exporter companies have fewer costs.

At the same time, if there is a need for opening clothing bales, companies can use their current employees to do this as the process is simpler. This means more revenue, which is promising to a lot of companies that want to get into this market.

Being Green Will Matter More Than Ever

circular economy representationWith the increase of laws and regulations which encourage companies to go green and sanction them if they aren’t, more and more organizations are looking for eco-friendly business models. In the clothing industry, this has become a major concern as companies spend valuable materials. At the same time, there are so many polluting landfills that store old clothes.

Credential clothing avoids all of these things as used clothes are recycled and re-purposed rather than thrown away. Furthermore, no additional materials are used for making new clothes. Consumers are also becoming eco-friendly and, to them, it’s become important to buy responsibly from companies that don’t pollute.

In the end, the current market for second-hand clothing is only expected to expand in the future, along with used credential clothing. Both customers and companies can benefit from this model, as well as the entire planet.

How Bank & Vogue Plays a Role

This is all part of a circular economy, in which Bank & Vogue is playing a major role and making a difference for a sustainable future.

We’re a global leader in the wholesale facilitation of buying & selling used goods as well as the logistics process therein. We work with thrift stores and charity donation centres across North America as well as with buyers around the world.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your credential clothing needs.

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sealed bags of donated used clothing