New Tech Targets Shipping Efficiency

A new performance monitoring tool aims to improve the shipping efficiency of tankers and bulkers. Launched in London by Eniram, the tool called Skylight will raise tanker and bulk carrier efficiency at an attainable low cost. It is a real time monitoring system owned by Eniram that can be attached to the railings of ships and act as a supplement to current data reporting.

This transponder is unobtrusive, easily to install, and doesn’t interfere with shipboard systems.  Skylight will transmit data such as speed, fuel usage, and bunkers at intervals of five minutes. This data can then be combined with weather reports, information on currents and tides, as well as other statistics that can provide a more accurate picture of travel time and efficiency. This data is sent to an Eniram centre and is then passed on to the client.

Most of the shipping industry is limited to basing performance on a single report at noon, often cumbered by errors. With Skylight, there will be greater opportunity for innovation and functionality.

So how much does Skylight cost? For EUR460, equaling 515 USD a month you can have the functionality and practicality of Skylight. Eniram intends to continue improving and developing Skylight, with a greater range of function to be introduced.

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