Not Just Used Clothing: We Deal in Used Shoes, Belts, Purses & More

  The wholesale used goods industry is thriving, and Bank & Vogue plays a vital role in it. Over the past 20 years, we have been investing our resources in discovering new opportunities in the wholesale used goods niche, reducing landfill and promoting a circular economy. As a leading brand in this industry, we’ve found […]

How Secondhand Toys Make Their Way Across the World

collection of used toys

It’s never been easier to buy secondhand toys in any part of the world than today. Modern technology is so advanced that used toys can be bought, sold or swapped with a few taps of a keyboard or mobile device. This is also an excellent way to save and make money, as there’s always a need […]

What is Our Role as a Recycled Clothing Seller?

recycled shoes

Recycling clothing is an increasingly important part of the textile industry. There is a lot that can be salvaged from old clothing. That’s why it’s better to donate your old clothing instead of throwing it way. Some of it will be used in the secondhand clothing market – thirft stores, vintage clothing or new lives […]

Mixed Rags: Finding a 2nd, 3rd or Even 4th Use for Clothing

used clothing mixed rags

The wholesale market for used clothing has been expanding over the last decade. This was partly out of necessity, but mostly because of the ever-increasing consumer demand. The rise of the fast fashion trend made consumers go on a buying frenzy, but it also resulted in an increased amount of donations made by loyal customers. […]

Sorting Out the Clothing Terms: Vintage, Used, Secondhand, & Retro

vintage clothing retail

Used clothing. Vintage style. Retro fashion. Are these three entire different things, or one in the same kind of couture? Before we get into the terminology of clothes, we need to understand what clothes are and how style evolves. Style is one of the fastest evolving things in the universe. What’s hot today can be […]

The Continued Journey of Used Credential Clothing – How & Where We Ship

cargo container ship sailing across ocean

Not long ago we discussed the global journey of credential clothing, talking about how garments begin in a factory in one part of the world, make their initial journey of distribution to a different region, live their first lives before moving onto a new iteration in likely yet another country. Today we’re going to focus […]

Definitions and Visions for the New Year

New Year's resolution clear out old clothing

  It’s the New Year, 2019, and that presents us with a great time to go over some of the basics of what we do here at Bank & Vogue. In this article we’ll define some of the terms you’ll often see and hear bandied about in our industry, and talk a little about the […]

The Urgency Of Improving Textile Recycling

textile recycling

More and more reports of the wasteful nature of the fashion industry are rising and people are taking notice. Governments are calling for accountability from the top brands as the facts behind the immense waste made by modern fashion producers are coming to light. There are also calls to focus on more efficient recycling methods. […]

The Modern State of the Mixed Rag Market

bags of old clothing

What happens when nearly half of all North Americans – that is, approximately 46 percent – claim that they have “way too much stuff” in their closets? Many studies show that a great number of consumers are actively finding solutions to address the over-accumulation of materials in their closets. Millenials in particular appear to be […]