Rag News: November 2019


Ho-Ho-Ho Hints from the Rag News Elf on the Shelf

As the Christmas season approaches, we asked the Rag News Elf for a few revenue-building tips for thrifts. Here is the list:

– Create an in-store Christmas Shoppe and keep it well organized since most shoppers have limited time during the Holiday season.  Display Christmas lights to draw attention.

– Decorate a stack of donated Christmas trees with lights and baubles and place them in an area where customers can buy an entirely decorated tree.

– As donated Christmas items arrive, put out what will sell and store the rest if you have storage. You will need them soon!

– If you have a low point in general donations during the winter, consider purchasing Credential Clothing or Bric Brac loads from your trusted broker.

Bank & Vogue can provide top quality product that will keep your store well-stocked throughout the winter season… long after the Elf is packed away.

Optimism in the Mixed Rags World

After the storm comes the calm. It looks like that is what is happening in the mixed rag industry. After a few difficult months, some of the main buyers of used clothing in Africa are back to action. Slowly but surely, the sun will shine bright again in the mixed rag world.

Hard Toys CapsacksWanted: Hard Toys


Not just because Christmas is around the corner but because Hard Toys are in high demand all year round. If you have a full load of hard toys in capsacks, or if you can sell a combo load adding soft toys and/or purses & belts, let your broker know. Hard toys are in high demand.




WEAR 2019: Circular Fashion & Used Clothing Industry

steven bethell bank & vogue

WEAR is a conference that brings together some of the leaders in the fashion and used clothing industries. Amongst them, it was Steven Bethell, the co-founder of the Bank & Vogue group of companies that includes the Beyond Retro vintage shops. A pioneer innovator in post-consumer textiles, he participated in a panel with focus on a circular fashion system that combines new business models with innovative design, technologies and materials that eliminate waste and pollution.

Innovation In Textiles magazine interviewed Steven during the event. Read the highlights of his staging in this article.

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