What Can Brokers Do For You?


A Broker becomes your partner

Many brokers partner with you to make a difference in your local community and on a global scale. We believe that everyone in this industry plays a huge role in decreasing the negative impact on the planet, and we are so proud to be a part of it!

Bank & Vogue has worked for years to build the trust of our global client base. We take pride in the level of service we provide and stand by our commitment to clients.  From recycling in our offices and retail stores to contributing to the economic advancement and sustainability of communities we operate in, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of everyone we collaborate and connect with.

A Broker finds you the best price

You want the best quality goods for the best price and we understand this.  It’s important to us to ensure you can profit from the purchase/sale of used products. Prices however are determined by a multitude of factors including location, quality, supply, demand, packaging, market climate, global socio-economic issues and the shipping industry. Without a ‘big picture’ view of the current market you may be missing out on profit, or dealing with a warehouse inventory surplus or deficit.

With Bank & Vogue you will have an advocate and partner with a global perspective, access to a huge database of potential clients, a clear understanding of the market trends and a trusted adviser during an ever- shifting marketplace.

A Broker anticipates your needs and reflects your strategy

Certainly, your organization intends to operate as efficiently as possible. This could mean looking ahead to plan warehouse operations, pick-ups and payments accordingly. Keeping track of day to day operations as well as your buyers’ and se;;ers’ schedules can be challenging and hectic, especially in the fluid landscape of our industry.

For Buyers, it could be weeks before the particular seller you want to purchase from has a load ready. Stocks can deplete and business may slow down resulting in temporary layoffs.

For Sellers, it could be weeks before that customer you are holding a load for has the funds to pay you. Stock and inventory can accumulate in your warehouse and ongoing operations may become more difficult.

If you work with Bank & Vogue regularly, we proactively organize and manage your shipments; work with you to improve the demand for your stock and offer comparable alternatives if something falls through.  If we are your back up plan, we will make it a priority to help you recover from the unexpected given our vast array of seller and customer options across North America and around the world.

Brokers work for and with you

If you buy or sell used products it’s easy to advertise on the internet and there are many directories that list what companies may be looking for. But doing your due diligence to ensure you can trust the people you are about to do business with and that they are legitimate takes a lot of work. Brokers understand the complexused products market and producing the most profitable and beneficial result takes time, energy, and staff.

When you work with Bank & Vogue, you know you are working with a reputable company that has been in the used products industry for over 20 years. We have developed procedures to assess risk, help protect you and we take customer service and client satisfaction very seriously. It is the foundation of our business.

Brokers saves you time

Many organisations including charities, thrift operators, private collectors and exporters have been promoting and sourcing used products without assistance. Many are the key sales and buying people for their organization. Many individuals however are also involved in other aspects of their businesses dealing directly with employee management, warehouse operations and financing.

Organizing client data, negotiating prices, assessing the potential buyers and sellers, sending out detailed information and doing market research. Do you have time for all this?

At Bank & Vogue we have built our business around taking care of these time consuming tasks so you can focus on the core part of your business. We have invested in technology, business processes and customer service to buy, sell and, negotiate on your behalf.

There’s even more to what we do!

Our family of companies also includes Beyond Retro, a vintage clothing retailer in Europe and Beyond Retro Label – our own line of hand made and re-worked items from carefully selected vintage fabrics. We play a role from donation to re-creation bringing experience and knowledge from a broad cross section of the used products industry to our domestic and global clients.

With over 20 years’ experience, a network of thousands of contacts, infrastructure to manage supply and demand, as well as our commitment to customer service. Bank & Vogue is changing what it means to work with a used products broker.

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