Rag News: January 2018

Securing Used Goods Donations Under the Tax Cuts Act 2018

The new tax law means less taxpayers will use itemized deductions for their used clothing donations to charitable thrift stores. In order to offset the possibility of lower donation flow in both cash and material goods, charities must take their mission message to their communities to encourage the continuation of donations.

These are some helpful hints to secure donations to thrift stores:

  • Provide incentives to donors (in-store coupons)
  • Add a donation message to customer sales receipts
  • Use local media sources that provide free or discounted rates to non-profits; Provide heartfelt messages regarding your mission
  • Provide extra signage both in the store and outside indicating where donations may be dropped off
  • Partner with local retailers to encourage donations of used items

In some communities there may be minimal negative effect due to this tax change; however, being proactive will help to ensure that donations now and during your busy season, will not diminish.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate: How Does It Affect Moving Your Used Goods on Truck Loads?

As of December 18th 2017, the Canadian and US transport departments have begun instilling a stricter limit on the amount of hours truckers can spend on the road over a 24 hour span. This is done through an improved E-Log System, which mandates that they are not to drive more than 11 hours within a consecutive 14-hour shift. This makes for better working conditions and safer roads.

However, it also results in reduced availability, and higher pricing across the board. In addition to the regular slowdowns of winter weather, trucking may be harder to secure on a consistent basis for the next couple of months. Once companies adjust to the new system, and add the extra trucks/drivers onto the roads, we should see it come back to normal.

For customers, delivered pricing will be hard to hold through the winter, as a 10-15% increase on most lanes has been the immediate effect of this new system.

Demand for Hard Toys in Central America Continues After Christmas

Used hard toys are a hot commodity in countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador all year round. Moreover, the demand for used toys has increased lately, especially when they are packaged in capsacks. So if your thrift store produces salvage hard toys, think about loading them in a maritime container with destination to Central America.

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