Seller Consultant Alice Travels to North East

Our Seller consultant Alice regularly travels all around the US to meet with sellers old and new. She recently traveled to the North East to meet with a number of sellers, and get a glimpse into their operations and the quality of commodities they have available.

MA– A new seller with Bank & Vogue, Alice visited to get a physical account of the quality of the products. This seller has purses & belts, shoesmixed rags and collects from over 150 pick-up locations.

ME – A long time seller with Bank & Vogue they sell us regularly with quality mixed rags, credential, sporting goods, medical devices, and they currently have wipers available. The level of service Bank & Vogue provides is very important to them. The seller mentioned that they enjoy working with Erin (purchasing) and Lawrence(logistics)

ME Sporting Goods in Gaylords

ME Credential in Bales

NY– A new seller that Bank & Vogue is eager to work with. This seller offers credential (collected from surrounding areas), Sorted brand name graded clothing, shoes (sorted cleaned paired) Alice described their products as “very good quality”.

NY Credential Collection
NY Credential Books

NY –A new sellerwith Bank & Vogue, Alice describes their operations as “very organized and efficient”. They currently sell Bank & Vogue with,Credential, Books, Bric Brac, Mixed Rag (incl. Shoes & Purses & Belts). They provide funds for several youth organizations and collect in the surrounding 50 mile radius

NY Credential Bric Brac in Boxes

NY Loose Credential

NY– A Long time seller with Bank & Vogue, they offer Credential, Mixed Rag,Shoes, Purses & Belts, Soft and Hard Toys, Scanned Books. They mentioned to Alice that they “were very impressed with service they receive from Erin (purchasing) and the Bank & Vogue logistics team.”

NY Credential in Bales

NY Purses & Belts in Gaylords

We are always traveling throughout North America to visit with our sellers and customers. It is our #1 priority to be aware of the quality of prodcuts that we offer, as well as working with sellers to increase their recycling operations, frequency and quality of available loads.

If you are interested in having Bank & Vogue visit your location, or to visit our head office in Ottawa Ontario Canada, please contact us 1.613.747.8465
If you are interested in purchasing any of the products from the above-mentioned sellers please contact Jason Smith 1.613.747.8465×164

Alice also stopped by the Canton Apples Orchard in Canton, NY that had a beautiful view of the Adirondack Mountains which brought back memories of the many hiking trips she used to take with her son in his youth.

Canton Apple Orchard, Canton, NY
A view of the Adirondack Mountains from Vermont

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