Ongoing Customer Service Training

The Wholesale Team has begun regular ongoing customer service training. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality service we provide to our clients.

The first training session we participated in focused on mutually beneficial negotiation skills also known as, The Principled Negotiation Method. This method is an outcome of The Harvard Negotiation Project, this method focuses on shared interests, mutually satisfying options and fair standards. When negotiators use this method, it typically results in an amicable and wise agreement.

We are so excited to participate in these training sessions because we believe it will result in quality customer service, improved relationships and amicable agreements. So far, this training has exceeded all expectations. It has allowed the team to organize and coordinate stages of negotiation and types of negotiators to ultimately create positive outcomes for all parties involved.

It is our intention to be your trusted advisers and to work with you to find shared interests and creative solutions to better support and advance your business.

This method has been outlined for everyone to learn in a book called ‘Getting to Yes : Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.’ We highly recommend you order a copy and see how this method can change the way you think about negotiation.

Check out this video with a preview of what we learned.

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