Rag News: September 2019

Ground-Breaking Innovation

Manufacturing “New” out of Used, at Industrial Scale

Bank & Vogue is proud to announce that we have developed the capacity to remanufacture post-consumer apparel at industrial scale. Our work with Converse on their Converse Renew Denim collection has introduced an innovative reinvention of used apparel and made it into the world’s most iconic sneaker! Our innovative methodology allows designers to be inspired by used clothing, and empowers manufacturers to make something “new” out of something used. We have pushed the boundaries of the ReUse industry, pioneering textile remanufacturing and creating a circular economy solution that speaks to environmentally conscious consumers.

converse shoes in recycled denim fabric

Bank & Vogue extends a big thank you to the many charities and collectors we work with across North America. We want to ensure that your product becomes part of the world of circular economy solutions. We believe that this new model repurposes salvage clothing and provides a new and exciting second life option. It’s a true win-win… highlighting the endless opportunities in used clothing.  By creating an accessible, on-trend and affordable product out of an old pair of jeans we have a happy sneaker lover, a profitable revenue stream and a brand that is walking the walk with respect to sustainability.


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