Turning Your Halloween Items Into Credential Gold

Once all the candy has been given away and unwrapped, and the Halloween decorations have been taken down and stored, many parents wonder what they should do with their home-made and store purchased costumes. Many parents recognize that their children will likely not get excited to re-wear the same costume for next year’s Halloween festivities. And as a result, some parents might consider saving their costumes to pass along to other family members or neighbouring friends. In the aftermath of Halloween – a popular holiday that plenty of North Americans spend a significant portion of their October income on to purchase costumes, decorations and candy for the children in their neighbourhood – finding cost effective ways to pass along items that are no longer needed might be great way to alleviate that spending stress that comes with the holiday. Like Christmas, Halloween is one of the most profitable holidays for a series of industries – costuming industries, candy companies, and decoration stores. According to Forbes, on average, consumers will have spent nearly $7 billion on Halloween in total — $74 of which is on costumes alone per household.

Given that consumers spend a lot of money on the many elements of Halloween, those in the Credential Clothing suggest that there might be a creative solution to passing along the benefits of lightly used and highly relevant costumes for Halloweens to follow. Consider this: did you child wear a stylish Spiderman or Wonder Woman costume? Or might you have a great adult costume that you wore to a neighbourhood party? Are these items lightly worn with little to no damage? Do you prefer to pass along your costume to another user because you’re not too interested in wearing the same old costume for the fifth time in a row at yet another Halloween party? You might also be asking yourself how you (or another) can get maximum usage out of your old superhero and princess costumes that you have accumulated across the years? If you have answered yes to any of the above noted questions you might want to consider recycling your costume in the Credential Clothing market. Halloween can be expensive for all the fans of the holiday so why not find a creative, ethical and responsible way to pass along great materials for a fraction of the cost?

The truth is that Halloween is a great season to mix and match materials, and to dig through vintage items and build and design creative interpretation of Halloween classics. In a lot of ways, Halloween is the quintessential holiday when some people dispose of their items while others re-make them for new and exciting purposes. Not only can this act help consumers save a lot of money, but it means that original owners can clean out their storage spaces and avoid hoarding materials that they very likely may never use again.

Prior to passing along your items you may want to consider taking a few steps. First, new owners of your old costumes will especially appreciate properly cleaning your Halloween items before passing them on to credential clothing experts. New owners likely will not be particularly interested in wearing costumes that are dirty from sticky trick-or-treating hands or muddy grass stains. Or in cases when your children have damaged their costumes – consider taking out your mending kit and making a few stitches to small or noticeable rips and tears, or adding missing buttons or damaged zippers. Once you have made these adjustments, be sure to properly package your Halloween costumes in preparation for credential clothing experts to review. Why leave your Halloween items to live in a dusty closet, basement, or attic where they will be or little to no use to anyone, will take up necessary storage space, and will inevitable get musky.

At Bank & Vogue experts are happy to provide interested consumers (as well as those supplying credential clothing items) with recycled items that a previous costume owner might no longer have use for. In order to pass along your costume items to a new consumer, Bank & Vogue recommends dropping off your credential clothing items in areas traditionally designated for these materials such as drop boxes which are strategically placed throughout different communities — particularly in middle to affluent neighbourhoods that have high traffic. Credential clothing experts then empty these collection boxes (in some places a minimum of once a week or more if need be) and ensure that the collected items are secured in carrying materials such as plastic bags, that there is no trash or wet items included in the packages, and that they are in the exact condition in which the material was first deposited. This is particularly important in ensuring that these items are not damaged and can be passed on to new consumers. Graders prefer items that have not been removed from bags and packaging simply because this means that the distributor would not have the opportunity to pick out the items they deem valuable themselves. Once materials have been collected from the places where they were originally deposited, they are then processed and recycled, and graders determine which items constitute top-grade credential materials. Hopefully, among these materials are the beautiful, creative, and unique costumes that you have recently worn for the holiday. As one might expect, graders are experts in locating, sorting and selecting items like higher grade value costumes and then selling them individually at a higher price to new consumers.

Bank & Vogue, like many other sellers of credential clothing materials, is happy to retrieve materials via home pick-up routes, public neighbourhood bins, in-store drop-offs and donation stations, or from charities and for-profit collectors. Once they have done so, Bank & Vogue employees then begin sorting credential materials (and eliminating any hard items or lotions that can damage the clothing from the bags) and packaging them in bales. Among its competitors, particularly in the area of credential clothing, Bank & Vogue is considered both an expert and key player with a well-known reputation for sourcing hundreds of thousands of pounds of high-grade credential clothing annually to domestic and international markets. Due to this familiarity, Bank & Vogue has also amassed experience in the logistics that are involved and required in order to move these goods across various worldwide markets. For this reason, among many others, if you are the owner of a Halloween costume that you believe is deserving of a new home, consider passing it along for use in the credential clothing market – and requesting the assisting of a Bank & Vogue team member who ranks among some of the most qualified experts in the industry.

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