Baler Buying Guide – Maximizing The Value Of Your Investment

Having a baler for mixed rags and credential clothing is a minimum requirement for working with used clothing buyers and brokers like Bank & Vogue. This investment can seem like an intimidating one, but identifying the means available to optimize your investment is often all it takes to expose your business to the potential value this asset can generate.

When considering investing in a baler, be sure to follow these two principles to maximize the value of your asset!

Pick The Type Size Right For Your Needs

Clothing balers come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, each with unique costs and benefits.

From room-sized automatic balers capable of persistently baling tonnes clothes every day, to smaller vertical/manual designs appropriate for smaller organizations; maximizing the value your baler provides is a matter of picking the size and design right for your needs.

The Problem Of Scale

Among the most prominent challenges to address when picking your baler is finding a solution capable scaling cost-effectively. For for-profit clothing resellers especially, an emphasis on company growth makes this investment an important one to approach strategically to maximize long-term value.

Buying multiple smaller balers over time can be a cost effective choice, depending on what you anticipate the upper threshold of your baling requirements to be, and how quickly you expect to reach them.

In the event that you expect a very high requirement for baling mixed rags and credential clothing, and you expect to reach it comparatively quickly, investing in a unit too large for your current needs is likely to be the optimal choice.

Consider Buying Used

Vertical Baler machineThere is an extensive international market for used baling machines.

Balers are made to last and rarely depreciate at the same rate indicated in accounting statements.

Fortunately for those who buy used, it is often accountants, not engineers or mechanics, who decide when a baler has passed its ‘useful’ life.

While there is a degree of risk to buying anything used, you can manage this risk by vetting sellers and ensuring the physical integrity of your baling unit before purchase.

Vetting a Seller

Online services like Alibaba above offer comprehensive reviews on nearly every seller using the platform. These offer invaluable insight into the reliability of a seller, but also business and contact information that you can use to fully inform yourself as to the integrity of a business.

Outside of these reviews, consider Googling for customer experiences with a given business. It might be the case that important information is waiting for you on a different digital platform like Google reviews, or perhaps an industry forum.

Inspecting a Baling Unit

It’s rarely possible to perform a physical inspection yourself on used balers, but getting in touch with a qualified inspector who can is not as difficult as you may think.

Services to inspect used heavy machinery and industrial equipment exist in any nation you might be considering purchasing from. Businesses like InTouch Manufacturing Services, ASIA Quality Control, etc. can comprehensively inspect any baler you might be interested in buying to verify its integrity!

(Image Credit: C&M Baling Systems Inc.)

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Image Credit: C&M Baling Systems Inc