Rag News: October 2018

Winter in the Thrift World

Traditionally speaking -December, January, February and March are the months in which credential clothing & bric brac are most in demand. This is also the time of year where these commodities are the hardest to come by. Weather plays a huge factor in peoples’ willingness and ability to donate, and this in turn leads to a shortage of goods in the Thrift market all over the country.

How to avoid the empty shelves? PLAN AHEAD! Fall is a great time to purchase credential and bric brac in bulk. Charities and Private Collectors are purging their excess merchandise to get ready for winter, and this means that there are great deals to be found. If you are a Thrift operator, don’t wait until you are out of stock. Make some space in your warehouse now, capitalize on bulk deals, and get ready to store for the lean winter months.

Salvage: Great Momentum in Central America

Continuing the high demand for used product in the Central American market in September, we see the momentum going in October. Customers keep asking for used hard and soft toys, shoes, linens, combo loads, and of course credential clothing. Historically from September to November is when we see an influx of activity in this particular market.

Hard Goods Market in Pakistan

Many people know that graders in Pakistan are heavily involved in
the used clothing market. What many don’t know is that there is also a large appetite for hard goods as well. This would include hard toys, pots and pans and kitchenware.

There is a regular demand for these items (in capsacks). As these can be sold on the local market, they are a more accessible form of trade for the smaller importers in Karachi.

Salvage Packaging That Adds Value

Utilizing industry standards are important when preparing salvage for sale. The value of salvage increases for correct sorting, use of industry standard packaging, and proper loading techniques. Providing pictures of your loose product as well as packaged product will help your customer determine the value.

Bank & Vogue will provide the guidelines and sample pictures for you and your staff. Just ask!

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