The Crisis of Stuff by Steven Bethell

Piece by piece, pile by pile, we will demonstrate how you can re-use excess stuff. Our mission will be to make a difference by designing beautiful products that people will love, to find new homes around the world for excess stuff and to support the work of community organizations through recycling. 10 billion pounds (4.5 billion kg) is the start of our dream to make a difference.

Our family company can make a difference in our world. While this goal is a drop in the bucket, it is a meaningful amount. We will lead by example and encourage others to follow. The world will know our goals and be inspired by our actions. And, after the first 10 billion pounds (4.5 billion kg), we will set our sights even higher.

Steven Bethell was invited by Magnifeco Radio to share with the recycling industry community how Bank and Vogue, together with Beyond Retro create innovative and relevant solutions for the crisis of stuff. Listen to what the used goods industry does with all of our stuff in this interview.


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