Optimize Cashflow From Mixed Rags and Credential Clothing

Some Bank & Vogue sellers of mixed rags and credential clothing capture up to 25% of their yearly revenue through partnership with our company.

And yours can do the same.

Doing so is a matter of maximizing the value recieved for credential clothing/mixed rags, and minimizing the costs required to sell them.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Invest in The Right Baler

A baler for clothing is a fundamental requirement for working with Bank & Vogue, or any bulk-clothing purchaser.

A machine designed to pack and compress clothing into a convenient form-factor for shipping and transport, balers are an essential and valuable asset for any for profit or charity clothing reseller.

Balers can seem like a large purchase, especially for non-profit clothing resellers, but it’s important to recognize that there are several ways your organization can control the cost of this investment while still getting access to value the asset provides. When looking at purchasing a baler:

Find The Right Size For Your Needs

Balers come in a wide range of different sizes, and finding the size right for your needs is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most value from your investment.

From balers not much larger than the average person to large-scale industrial systems the size of a room, determining which baler you need is a matter of assessing the costs and benefits of each available option.

Larger systems can process massive amounts of clothing far more efficiently than smaller ones, but if your organization is smaller-scale, this presents little value to you.

Alternatively, small systems provide upfront cost-savings but come at the cost of time and energy when being used. Investing in a smaller system may seem like a cost-savings, but when large and consistent baling requirements are present, this is rarely the case.


Consider Buying Used

Like any other piece of technology, the value a baler can be exchanged for depreciates sharply after purchase.

However, the value it can generate when used doesn’t depreciate nearly as fast. Especially when cared for and maintained.

You might be surprised to find that many high-quality industrial balers are available for rock-bottom prices on used markets.

Balers rarely depreciate in reality at the same rate that they do on the balance sheets of large organizations, so it’s not uncommon for something like the failure of a single, easily replaceable part to cause a business to sell and replace the asset entirely.

In cases like these, one businesses ‘junk’ can be your treasure; an appropriate decision for businesses that specialize in capturing the value of great used products!

2. Get The Most Of Your Storage Space

Buyers of credential clothing and mixed rags require minimum loads typically in the range of 40-44 000 lbs. As such, sellers are required to accumulate clothing until capable of meeting this load restriction.

Without adequate space management, managing clothing storage can be difficult and costly. Fortunately, there is a range of techniques capable of addressing the various challenges our sellers face in this domain. Learn them, and you can optimize your storage management to minimize expense and maximize cashflow.

Invest In Adequate Space

Without enough space, or without the right space, accumulating mixed rags and credential clothes for sale via Bank & Vogue can be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you don’t have it, investing in the right space for the needs of your business or non-profit can be an intimidating prospect, but a worthwhile one when that investment is considered in terms of return.

Efficiently Manage Stored Clothing

piles-of-used-credential-clothingWhen credential clothing and mixed rags are cared for and kept in good condition, they sell for a higher price. Managing the space your clothing is stored in such that the quality and integrity of your product is protected is one of the best, and most efficient, methods to maximize the value you receive on every shipment.

Storage spaces that are dry, clean, and otherwise cared for do not struggle with mould, pests, or vermin. Spaces that are well-lit and easy to get around can be accessed and managed with less difficult and therefore at a lower labour cost than dark or cramped spaces.

Many Bank & Vogue mixed rags and credential clothing sellers capture as much as 25% of their yearly revenue through their partnership with us. By investing in space that can safely store the clothing your business would otherwise leave unexploited, and instituting appropriate systems to manage and capitalize on it, your business or non-profit can capture the tremendous value inherent in credential clothing/mixed rags and rely on it long into the future.

3. Optimize Loading Systems and Infrastructure

The final measures best suited to provide value for Bank & Vogue sellers are matters of management and policy. Consider these tips when reviewing and revising your system for credential clothing/mixed rags management.

Optimize Your Loading Procedure

The speed and efficiency with which you load trucks and shipping containers has a direct impact on bottom line. Better-packed loads capture more value, and faster-packed loads require less expense.

To learn more about the science of loading credential clothing and mixed rags, read our guide on loading a shipping container!

Remember Appearance is Critical

Buyers do not have time to thoroughly inspect every container they receive, and will generally accept or deny shipments on quick visual inspections immediately after opening.

This is why appearance is vital to get the best price for each shipment. Well packed, organized, clean shipments with easily visible contents (clear bags) provide the impression of a high level of care, and always generate the most value for sellers!

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