How Used Clothing Brokers Buy & Sell Bulk Used Clothing

Used clothing brokers need to have a vast array of expertise, knowledge, and skills to become leaders in the market. We buy and sell bulk used clothing that’s ready for wholesale. This bulk used clothing includes seasonal, children’s, women’s and men’s clothing – and and array of used goods such as purses, belts, shoes and […]

What You Can Do with Unused Holiday Decorations

festive christmas decorations

Shopping for Christmas decorations, or holiday decorations in general, is very engaging and fun. Often, affordable prices and that level of extreme cuteness might tempt us into purchasing more than we can put on display in our homes and front lawn, etc. It would be a shame for those decorations to end up in the […]

How to Get the Most for Your Retail Returns

retail clothing store return

Customer returns are a big selling point for a lot of retailers. Customers want to have the best shopping experience possible and look to form long-term relationships with outlets that value them. One of the benefits that stores offer is customer returns. Even though this is an excellent incentive to drive more sales, it has […]

How We Facilitate Global Logistics as a Used Clothing Broker

logistics such as containers, ships and trucks

Ever since the very beginning of Bank & Vogue, our goal as used clothing brokers was to provide sellers and customers with a wide range of services within the used clothing industry. We have a widespread global team of logistics team members who can help you deliver your bulk used textiles and other wholesale used […]

Mixed Rags: Finding a 2nd, 3rd or Even 4th Use for Clothing

used clothing mixed rags

The wholesale market for used clothing has been expanding over the last decade. This was partly out of necessity, but mostly because of the ever-increasing consumer demand. The rise of the fast fashion trend made consumers go on a buying frenzy, but it also resulted in an increased amount of donations made by loyal customers. […]

Sorting Out the Clothing Terms: Vintage, Used, Secondhand, & Retro

vintage clothing retail

Used clothing. Vintage style. Retro fashion. Are these three entire different things, or one in the same kind of couture? Before we get into the terminology of clothes, we need to understand what clothes are and how style evolves. Style is one of the fastest evolving things in the universe. What’s hot today can be […]

Benefits for the Environment When You Shop for Clothing Online

woman shopping online with phone

You may be aware that we live in the age of fast fashion. The most critical part of its definition implies that fashion is not only moving fast from runways to consumers, but to the garbage as well. What role does online shopping play in this? Is retail e-commerce beneficial for the environment? Online shops […]

How Credential Clothing Is Unique In The Wholesale Industry

unique credential clothing

When people think about used, bulk, or wholesale clothing, they typically don’t associate quality, designer, or valuable items with it. However, when it comes to credential clothing, which refers to unsorted and untouched donated goods (in the state they were donated in), it can be quite the opposite. Because these bags are sold to buyers […]

Credential Clothing For Those in Crisis

volunteer sorting through donation bin

In the early fall 2018, a number of Ottawa-Gatineau residents were struck by tragedy following six devastating tornadoes that ripped through the capital region. Following the devastation, residents struggled to rebuild their lives as they awaited information from their insurance providers and the Red Cross stepped in to help tornado victims recover their losses. In […]

What Benefits Can Buyers Find in Mixed Rags?

Mixed rags in bulk for sale Bank & Vogue

  When we use the term ‘mixed rags’ or ‘institutional clothing,’ we are referring to a category of clothing that is considered ‘used’ that either was not sold in a resale or was not suitable for resale. That means that these items were either store returns, apparels and household rummages from thrift store locations or […]