Working With Us – More Than Just Clothing Recycling

Bank & Vogues primary service is purchasing collected clothing that cannot be processed by charities, non-profits, and for-profit re-sellers. But the full work our partners have access to goes considerably further than that.

Bank & Vogue provides a ‘full package’ of services tailored to the unique needs, wants, and expectations of the clothing collection and reselling industry. Immersed in the field for over 20 years, our services and consultation insight stand to streamline the operation of our partners, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Find out how Bank & Vogue can do so for your business or non-profit by learning about some of the secondary services we offer:

Logistics Services

A ship carrying freight containers across the oceanOver 20 years in the business, Bank & Vogue has built strong relationships with an extensive network of trucking and freight-forwarding contacts. Our long-standing relationships with them provide us a unique capability to balance cost, convenience, on-time pickup and delivery, etc; making deals tailored to the needs of our partners.

More than this, we are also capable of managing the shipping and transportation process from end-to-end. Whether you work with one of our trusted transportation services, or your own; we manage everything so you can focus on managing your business.

For more information on our logistics services, read more here.


Optimizing freight packaging represents a massive opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Finding the perfect balance between protecting your packaged goods, and protecting your bottom line, benefits from the insight of extensive experience.

Find out how Bank & Vogue can help you through these solutions by learning more about our packaging services.

Retail Store Consultation

If you’ve read through our Blog, you likely know that Bank & Vogue owns and operates a successful chain of vintage and used clothing stores across Europe.

Our experience forming and managing Beyond Retro combined with the insight collected from working directly with an extensive range of retail partners; puts us in a position to lend significant value to retail operations.

Beyond just buying and selling product, Bank & Vogue can lend valuable insight that can help you surmount any of the challenges that you face managing retail operations.

Find out how Bank & Vogue can help you with your unique retail challenges by contacting our retail consulting team.

Business Process Management Consultation

Boxes of consumer goods in a warehouseAs the cost of labour rises, so too does the need to get the most out of one’s labour force! From understanding and optimizing physical space, to strategically deploying technological systems; businesses can use many possible mechanisms to optimize the process they use to source, move, sort, and grade recycled clothing! Knowing which ones are best for you requires extensive industry experience, and a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges your business or non-profit faces. To learn the options available to reduce the cost of labour, and increase the efficiency of your business processes; inform our Process Management Consultants of the challenges you face, and we’ll respond with our insight!

Increase Efficiency, Decrease Costs With Bank & Vogue

There is no replacement for the insight that comes from comprehensive experience. When it comes to the clothing recycling and reselling industry, that’s exactly what you get from Bank & Vogue.

No matter what challenges your business, charity, or non-profit faces; Bank & Vogue is in a position to help.

For more on how we can deliver value tailored to your needs, contact our specialists today!


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