Not Just Used Clothing: We Deal in Used Shoes, Belts, Purses & More

  The wholesale used goods industry is thriving, and Bank & Vogue plays a vital role in it. Over the past 20 years, we have been investing our resources in discovering new opportunities in the wholesale used goods niche, reducing landfill and promoting a circular economy. As a leading brand in this industry, we’ve found […]

How Used Clothing Brokers Buy & Sell Bulk Used Clothing

Used clothing brokers need to have a vast array of expertise, knowledge, and skills to become leaders in the market. We buy and sell bulk used clothing that’s ready for wholesale. This bulk used clothing includes seasonal, children’s, women’s and men’s clothing – and and array of used goods such as purses, belts, shoes and […]

Bank & Vogue and Return-It Unite for Sustainability

return-it and bank & vogue partnership announcement

Wouldn’t it be great if you could drop off used clothing in the same place you return beverage containers? That kind of one-stop-shopping – or, the opposite of shopping… giving, actually – would be convenient for you and great for the environment. Bank & Vogue is happy to announce that we’ve established an official partnership […]

How We Sell Used Shoes as Used Clothing Brokers

used shoes in a pile

The global market for used clothing and other used goods is on the rise. In particular, bulk used shoes are seeing more market penetration and opportunities opening up. As one of the leading used clothing brokers, Bank & Vogue aims to support the Circular Economy by sourcing and selling used shoes, clothing, and other goods […]

The International Market for Used Purses

woman holding a used vintage handbag

The used goods market is on the rise across the world. At first, it started in Africa and Asia, but today even North America has a big second-hand product market. People are buying used clothing and accessories, both in-store and online. Baled purses, jewelry, shirts, and all kinds of other items are being sold more […]

What is Our Role as a Recycled Clothing Seller?

recycled shoes

Recycling clothing is an increasingly important part of the textile industry. There is a lot that can be salvaged from old clothing. That’s why it’s better to donate your old clothing instead of throwing it way. Some of it will be used in the secondhand clothing market – thirft stores, vintage clothing or new lives […]

Sustainability News: The Innovative Post-Consumer Denim Sneaker

Beyond Retro and Bank & Vogue are thrilled to share the news of their involvement with global footwear and apparel brand, Converse, in helping to develop a collection of footwear using upcycled textiles as part of its exciting new Renew initiative. Leveraging its extensive influence in the second-hand clothing industry, Beyond Retro supported the creation […]

An Alternative to Buying New Clothing and Throwing It Away Quickly

50% off clearance sale at retail store

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes? Do you find yourself frequently thinking about throwing out your used clothing, even though they are practically in mint condition? Don’t worry – this is something a lot of consumers in the developed world think about a lot. It’s called fast fashion, and it’s a problem for our world […]

Benefits for the Environment When You Shop for Clothing Online

woman shopping online with phone

You may be aware that we live in the age of fast fashion. The most critical part of its definition implies that fashion is not only moving fast from runways to consumers, but to the garbage as well. What role does online shopping play in this? Is retail e-commerce beneficial for the environment? Online shops […]