The Conscious Consumer: How to Make the Most Ethical Choices

What Does It Mean to Be a Conscious Consumer? Being a conscious consumer means making purchasing decisions that consider the social, environmental, and economic impacts of those choices. It involves being aware of where products come from, how they are made, and the effects of their production on people and the planet. Conscious consumers prioritize […]

Second-Hand Shopping Tips for Thrifting

Curly haired woman collects clothes items in good condition to consignment shop or thrift store surrounded by huge piles of multicolored garments focused away has tired expression. Recycling textiles

Thrifting is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle that combines the thrill of the hunt with the benefits of sustainability and savings.  Whether you’re new to the world of second-hand shopping or looking to sharpen your skills, here are some essential tips to help you make the most of your thrifting adventures.   […]

Whispers in the Market: Could Argentina Soon Welcome Second-Hand Clothing Imports?

Argentina finds itself at a critical juncture under the leadership of President Milei, who rode into power promising seismic shifts across economic, social, and political landscapes. However, the new administration faces daunting hurdles, including minority representation in legislative chambers and a myriad of economic challenges such as fiscal deficits, staggering inflation rates, and widespread poverty. […]

The Journey of Second-Hand Toys from Collection to Resale

Did you know that nearly 80% of children’s toys end up in landfills? Or that these toys account for almost 6% of landfill plastics. These statistics paint a vivid picture of the environmental stress placed on our planet by seemingly harmless items.  With sustainability becoming a focus globally, giving these toys a second life can […]

The Global Graded Goods Market – How Do Regions Across The World Vary?

In the expansive world of global commerce, one market segment stands out for its efficacy, adaptability, and cultural significance: the graded goods market.  From the bustling streets of Africa to the chic vintage shops of Europe, the vibrant markets of Latin America, Pakistan and India to the tech-savvy hubs of the United States, the graded […]

Exploring the Global Market & Sustainability of Second-Hand Shoes

Wholesale used aka second hand shoes

The world of second-hand shoes is shaped by a variety of varying cultural trends, economic factors, and environmental concerns.  From the bustling streets of Pakistan to the sophisticated sorting centers of Dubai, let’s take a closer look at the second-hand shoe market across the globe and its impact on the economy and the environment.   […]

Green Threads: The Environmental Impact of Credential Clothing

Stacks of used clothing in various different packages

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, the fashion industry has found itself under scrutiny for its environmental footprint.  However, amid the discussions surrounding fast fashion and textile waste, there shines a beacon of hope – credential clothing.  So what exactly is credential clothing? Credential clothing is collected through various means (donation bins, drop boxes) […]

The World of Graded Goods: Understanding Second-Hand Clothing Grading

A man grading goods in a warehouse

In the ever-evolving world of sustainable fashion, second-hand clothing has found its spotlight, and within this niche, a fascinating system has emerged – the world of graded goods.  This intricate process involves the sorting, categorizing, and grading of used garments, creating a structured framework that guides buyers and sellers through the realm of pre-loved fashion. […]

Discover the buying and selling of Bric-Brac through Bank & Vogue

At Bank & Vogue, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of Bric-a-Brac, which includes a wide range of fascinating items such as dishes, kitchenware, vases, knickknacks, collectibles, jewelry, glassware, and small home décor items. Packing is done in either gaylords or boxes, depending on the quantity and weight. For gaylords, a 1×40′ High […]