Honoring Japan’s Kimono


A vibrant kimono in Japan

Celebrating the Japanese history

The Victoria & Albert Museum has an exquisite exhibit that has just opened up in London, in honor of the Japan summer Olympics. The exhibition, “Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk”, just opened and it has already been such a success.  Additionally, the exhibit honors and celebrates the history and culture of Japan, through the Kimono. Furthermore, this exhibit demonstrates the contribution and impact it has made to the fashion industry globally. In fact, it explains the true meaning and importance of the Kimono. Since, it is way more than just the Japanese traditional attire. The exhibition takes guests through time, as it presents the story of Kimono’s and the development of the garment over time.

History of the Kimono

The history of this garment demonstrates how clothing can become a true sense of identity.  Although it was not always called by this name, Kimono means the “wearing thing” in English. The garment was created to be something that would fit every body type. Along with something that was easy to wear and adaptable to each individual person. In the 1600’s the garment was adapted to become a unisex piece; which was called Kosode, which means “small sleeves”. However, the garment finally took the name of Kimono in the late 1800s. Due to the transformation from the Edo era to modern Japan. For this reason, the garment adopted many different art and designs through the years. With this in mind, the most commonly seen designs are floral, specifically the cherry blossom. They signify more than just a pretty design, it symbolizes mortal feminine beauty. The Kimono is a reminder of Japan’s history and of its core culture.

The Exhibit

This new exhibit reflects the immense popularity of this garment, not just in Japan but in the whole world. Kimono’s have been adapted to the Western world for many years. They have been created to have different purposes and to have different types of designs. This exhibit demonstrates to the world the influence it has truly had and continues to have in the fashion industry. The exhibit is filled with many pieces by worldwide brands and designers. It educates people on the history and culture of Japan and the Kimono itself. It is important that we celebrate all cultures. With this in mind, the V&A museum has been able to do that with this exhibit. They celebrate Japan’s culture in a way that demonstrates how they have impacted the whole world, through this one piece of garment.

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