Beyond Retro Fashion gets the Vogue Magazine Royal Treatment

From charities and private graders in North America, to the retail stores in London, to local communities worldwide, and now to British royalty; Beyond Retro is creating a global connection based on eco-friendly practices and fair working conditions. In collaboration with its wholesale sister company, Bank & Vogue, both firms prevent over 90 million pounds of used goods from going to landfills yearly by finding new homes for these products.

In 2012 Beyond Retro introduced the LABEL collection which is sourced from second-hand product from all over the world. Sourcing globally means we are invested in many communities, and they are invested in the environment through Bank & Vogue and Beyond Retro. Since Beyond Retro clothing is produced directly across the street from our sorting facility, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint drastically. In 2014 we eliminated 608 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 64 tonnes of waste from landfills. To date Beyond Retro has diverted 600,000 garments from landfills.

“Our LABEL leverages the world’s collective closet.” Beyond Retro stores from London to Sweden create fashion crafted from sorted raw materials. Even the coins left in pockets are stamped with the Beyond Retro logo and used as branding accents. Each year 100,000 LABEL items travel from North America to London for final approval before hitting shop floors in the UK and Sweden, and sold online, where they are purchased by people like you – or by British Royalty!

HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton appears on the cover of the British Vogue 100th anniversary issue wearing a Beyond Retro hat. The Duchess looks stunning in Beyond Retro’s Green Wool Fedora; as a major influencer in the fashion world, all of us at Beyond Retro and Bank & Vogue are proud she chose our brand. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for repurposing garments for different occasions and outfits, a quality we admire that is rare in celebrity fashion.

The wool fedora has sold out, but more are on the way! Beyond Retro advises that anyone interested in the item should email with the subject line ‘hat’, and they will be notified when the product is again available. Beyond Retro can also be contacted via social media.

This example of global connection shows that all around the world, Beyond Retro is uniting people through a commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices. From Bank & Vogue wholesale, to its designers and stores in the UK and Sweden, to the average consumer, and now to the cover of Vogue, Beyond Retro is changing the fashion world for the better.

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