The Karuna Orphanage needs a study hall

The Karuna Orphanage provides food, shelter, clothing and basic education for 50 girls and is supported by the local community.

Bank and Vogue, an Ottawa based company, up-cycles clothing in a factory nearby and has committed to supporting Karuna to offer better quality education and increase the number of girls they can serve. Bank and Vogue provides English lessons one day per week, as well as paying the grocery and power bills directly so that 100% of the funding goes directly to the girls’ well being.  Steve, Helene, and other members of the Bank and Vogue team make several visits to the orphanage a year.

The building is overcrowded. Thus we need to construct a shaded area over the existing roof under which the girls can study. To this end, are holding a fundraiser Saturday Sept.17, 2016 to meet our goal of supporting the girls’ education.

Our goal: $5,000. Join us for a wonderful evening of music in support of Karuna!


This project is supported by the local community as well as by a number of corporate supporters in Canada and abroad.

Karuna is already supported by the local community. Food, clothing and cash donations are made on a regular basis by the local residents, who themselves are not affluent. A local construction firm as well as an architecture firm are donating their time and services at cost for this project.

Abandoned Girls
In India boys are the future support of parents in old age. In addition, males bring a spouse to the household to help with domestic chores. For each girl born, parents must raise the cost of a dowry. Consequently, India has the largest number of street children in the world.

The Hornettes
Make sure you book your tickets for The Hornettes concert while they last!

Sep. 17, 2016, 7:30pm
Red Lion Pub
47 Clarence St
Byward Market,


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Karuna Orphanage Girls