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Rag News: March 2019

used denim creative projects

Denim Upcycle The term “upcycle” is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the reuse of discarded items or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original”. It was used for first time in the 1990s as a blend of up- and recycle. LABEL is an … Continue reading Rag News: March 2019

Rag News: February 2019

denim repair

Artistic Repair of Denim Repairing denim at scale is similar to triage in the emergency room. First the jeans are categorized into categories of how they need to be repaired. The following are the main five categories: Repairs along the pocket Small hole in the upper thigh Hole on the upper part Hole on the … Continue reading Rag News: February 2019