How Consumers Can Help the “Crisis of Stuff”

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The world is becoming more and more conscious about what it throws out. Paper and plastic have efficient recycling practices, but textiles still have a lot to improve on. Fast fashion has come under fire for the wasteful nature of its business model as the public becomes more educated how their clothes are produced. But […]

Credential Clothing & The Sustainable Fashion Movement: What The Future Holds

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  As the world becomes more aware about how we impact the environment around us, we pay closer attention to what we throw away or the impact of what we are purchasing. The average environmentally conscious consumer is making informed decisions about the brands and stores they choose to support. In some cases, people dedicate […]

Addressing Textile Ethics One Mixed Rag at a Time

Bulk amounts Used Clothes in Warehouse

  While textile consumption continues to be at a noted high, consumers are growing all the more interested in alternative textile markets that show an ethical interest in the environment and responsible attitude towards spending. Experts argue that this impulse for “textile ethics” has grown – in part – out of the rise of “fast […]

Mixed Rags as the Answer to Fast Fashion

North american Credential clothing warehouse

While thrifting used to be a less than desirable activity, building your clothing collection from used items is now considerably popular for many millennials. Aside from saving consumers a significant amount of money, studies show that it also enables clothing aficionados to keep up with constantly changing trends (by, in part, harkening back to trends […]

How Mixed Rag Clothing Can Address the ‘Crisis of Stuff’

Credential Clothing Bank & Vogue

  Amid a growing concern over waste and its impact on the environment, experts remind consumers that clothing has an enormous, toxic, environmental footprint. This economic effect grows into a greater negative as consumers unnecessarily waste material, or they fail to use materials to the fullest of their capacity. Ecosalon reminds readers that clothing should […]

The Benefits of Shopping the Thrifty Way (for Shoppers and for Thrift Shops)

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Thrifty shoppers are always looking for great bargains and the best deals. It might then come as no surprise that the best location to find those two things are in your local thrift stores and consignment shops! Thrift stores have become a viable alternative to big box stores and malls where the items may be […]