Exploring the Global Market & Sustainability of Second-Hand Shoes

Wholesale used aka second hand shoes

The world of second-hand shoes is shaped by a variety of varying cultural trends, economic factors, and environmental concerns.  From the bustling streets of Pakistan to the sophisticated sorting centers of Dubai, let’s take a closer look at the second-hand shoe market across the globe and its impact on the economy and the environment.   […]

Green Threads: The Environmental Impact of Credential Clothing

Stacks of used clothing in various different packages

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, the fashion industry has found itself under scrutiny for its environmental footprint.  However, amid the discussions surrounding fast fashion and textile waste, there shines a beacon of hope – credential clothing.  So what exactly is credential clothing? Credential clothing is collected through various means (donation bins, drop boxes) […]

Sustainability News: The Innovative Post-Consumer Denim Sneaker

Beyond Retro and Bank & Vogue are thrilled to share the news of their involvement with global footwear and apparel brand, Converse, in helping to develop a collection of footwear using upcycled textiles as part of its exciting new Renew initiative. Leveraging its extensive influence in the second-hand clothing industry, Beyond Retro supported the creation […]

Sourcing and Selling Credential Clothing and Mixed Rags with Bank & Vogue

As a for-profit thrift retailer, non-profit charity, or international recycled clothing retailer; you face unique challenges to businesses. For those operating thrift store or clothing charities in North America, finding a home for clothes you cannot cost-effectively process is a major struggle. For those selling recycled clothing internationally, a reliable source for product is a […]