Green Threads: The Environmental Impact of Credential Clothing

Stacks of used clothing in various different packages

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, the fashion industry has found itself under scrutiny for its environmental footprint.  However, amid the discussions surrounding fast fashion and textile waste, there shines a beacon of hope – credential clothing.  So what exactly is credential clothing? Credential clothing is collected through various means (donation bins, drop boxes) […]

Tips for Managing Relationships With Buyers

  Looking to get better, more productive relationships with buyers? Want to get more buyers interested in your credential clothing, mixed rags or other used products? Want to increase sales overall, with more repeat business? Here are some tips that will help position you better in your process with buyers, increasing your return on investment […]

Sourcing and Selling Credential Clothing and Mixed Rags with Bank & Vogue

As a for-profit thrift retailer, non-profit charity, or international recycled clothing retailer; you face unique challenges to businesses. For those operating thrift store or clothing charities in North America, finding a home for clothes you cannot cost-effectively process is a major struggle. For those selling recycled clothing internationally, a reliable source for product is a […]