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 Unscanned Wholesale Used Books in GaylordsWhile the book industry has seen major changes with the growth of eBooks, we still see strong demand for quality loads and lots of used hardcover and paperback books, including children’s books. Our customers who are predominantly online book retailers are always interested in quality loads that do not contain magazines, encyclopaedias, damaged books, multimedia (old CDs and DVDs), and books that are volumes in a series. In general, we do not buy or sell books that have already been scanned for online sale.

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Used Books Wholesale Shipping

used-books-wholesaleFor our suppliers who can produce these types of loads, we have been able to make regular and long term commitments. This graded type of used book load means that we can maximize the value to our suppliers by ensuring our customers receive higher quality goods for resale.

To ensure the highest weight possible on book loads we encourage suppliers to stack the books neatly and to package books in gaylords on pallets. Books have a minimum target weight of 40,000 pounds.

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