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10 Things We Can Teach You About Packaging

How to manage your inventory effectively.

Using proper inventory management practices can help you to estimate the weight of your loads more accurately as well as maximize space in your warehouse. We have tips, tricks and resources that can help.

Bank & Vogue attends Annual SMART Convention

Our V.P. Scott recently returned from the annual Secondary Materials andRecycled Textiles (SMART) conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Bank & Vogue have been members for several years and our participation is important to our team and business. Since 1932 SMART ( has been the voice of our industry providing advocacy and education for industry members. Besides escaping from … Continue reading Bank & Vogue attends Annual SMART Convention

Collection Bins: Charities vs. Private Collectors

Over the past year we have seen a lot of discussion in the media concerning the perceived effect of private collection donation bins in communities with local charities that also collect used cloth.  The articles raised questions about the issue of private collectors diverting donations and funding from charities. As an agent in this market, we believe that open … Continue reading Collection Bins: Charities vs. Private Collectors

Scott & Lawrence Hit Miami FL!

Recently Scott, our VP and Lawrence our multi-lingual Logistics/SalesCoordinator took a trip to Miami to meet with Customers, Suppliers and Freight -forwarding Partners. Their first stop was a large warehouse which sells major department store overstock, liquidations, closeouts and returns. This is a great opportunity to buy ‘new’ goods with favorite brand names for a … Continue reading Scott & Lawrence Hit Miami FL!