Is the department at Bank & Vogue that is responsible for delivering service to product customers.

Sales Order

Sometimes abbreviated as SO, is an order issued by a business to a customer. A sales order may be for products and/or services.


Also referred to as recycle, institutional or used goods. It includes saleable items that thrift stores are unable to sell that they make available for resale.

Scale Tickets


A scale ticket is a signed and stamped paper received at a weight station as evidence for the weight of a trailer that is both empty and full of product. An empty scale ticket is the weight of the trailer and truck without any product on it. A full scale ticket is the trailer and truck with the product on it. The difference between the two is the weight of the load.



A numbered metal or plastic tie that is secured to a trailer lock at the origination location. It is intended to remain intact until the trailer load arrives at the destination. An intact seal ensures that the load was not pilfered during transportation.


Someone who sends goods for shipment, by packaging, labeling, and arranging for transit, or who coordinates the transport of goods.

Shipping Documents

Documents required to ship a product.



Wearable shoes (sorted to Bank & Vogue guidelines) that are paired and banded.

Single Shoes

Shoes that are wearable but that are not paired and banded.