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Selling product is only part of our job in working with our customers. We believe that it is our job to help you grow your business and seek new opportunities. For over 20 years we have been doing just that by providing deep market insight on the challenges and opportunities in the used goods industry and by working closely with new and long-time customers to develop growth strategies and deliver quality product. We have partnered with over 150 Suppliers across North America to offer wide-ranging quality products and packaging that can suit your specific business and market needs.

Who We Work With

Bank and Vogue works with many different types of customers from all over the world. We sell North American product across five continents and have the network to find what you are looking for by leveraging our vast array of supplier options. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure each load meets your needs and that grade variety, weight, and packaging suit your requirements. We also oversee that product is priced competitively to reflect demand and market conditions, while ensuring maximum weights on trailers and containers are achieved.

Are you a grader or wholesaler? We sell and deliver a variety of used products, domestically and around the world from original and unsorted donations to mixed rag, shoes and store returns.

Do you operate a retail or thrift store or wholesale to retail markets? We purchase original donations, store returns and seasonal product from the best producing markets across North America. We have helped our retail buyers find and test new product categories resulting in a broader offering to their customers and increased revenue.

Bank and Vogue’s Commitment to its Customers

We provide our Customers with opportunities to buy quality product that best meets their needs – whatever and wherever that product is. We will look for and source the products you need to help make your business more profitable and meet the needs of your end-customers.

We make an important commitment to all of our Customers:

  • To provide global market insight so that together we understand how market shifts are impacting supply, demand and pricing.
  • To find and secure the product you are looking for from the regions that you know produce the best quality product for you.
  • To communicate on a regular and timely basis and in the medium of your choice. Throughout every transactions and before and after loads are delivered to your facility, we will work with you at every step and make sure you are fully aware of what is happening with the product that you are buying. Moreover, our logistics team can orchestrate the efficient movement of the product you are buying across North America and around the world.

What we Value in our Customers

We commit to honesty and integrity in every interaction and we look for the same in the Customers we work with. Together, we can build a business that results in long-term profitability and growth for you. Flexibility and openness to adapt to an ever-changing market are also attributes that our most successful Customers demonstrate and we are proud to work alongside them.

Products We Sell

There is great diversity in the products that we sell. For a complete list please go to our product pages here.

How Can We Help You?

We are always interested in hearing from potentially new customers to help support. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you build your business. We look forward to hearing from you

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