Green Threads: The Environmental Impact of Credential Clothing

Stacks of used clothing in various different packages

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, the fashion industry has found itself under scrutiny for its environmental footprint.  However, amid the discussions surrounding fast fashion and textile waste, there shines a beacon of hope – credential clothing.  So what exactly is credential clothing? Credential clothing is collected through various means (donation bins, drop boxes) […]

The World of Graded Goods: Understanding Second-Hand Clothing Grading

A variety of second hand clothes

In the ever-evolving world of sustainable fashion, second-hand clothing has found its spotlight, and within this niche, a fascinating system has emerged – the world of graded goods.  This intricate process involves the sorting, categorizing, and grading of used garments, creating a structured framework that guides buyers and sellers through the realm of pre-loved fashion. […]

The World of Bric-à-Brac: A Treasure Trove of Sustainability

Antique Bric-à-Brac items including pots, silverware, and mugs

Bric-à-brac, the eclectic world of knick-knacks and vintage oddities, is a global phenomenon.  From developed nations to those still emerging, the allure of these unique trinkets transcends borders.  However, the journey of bric-à-brac across the world is not without its challenges, and in this blog, we will explore its popularity, its influence on the circular […]

Global Wholesale Used Clothing Statistics & Information For 2024

A bale of clothing in a warehouse

With the global apparel market being worth 1.53 trillion US dollars last year, the secondhand apparel market currently valued at approximately 211 billion US dollars, and the global wholesale market being valued at 45 billion US dollars you might be wondering how the global wholesale clothing market is changing, especially when it comes to used […]