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Wholesale Used Shoes

Paired and Banded Wholesale Used Shoes

used-shoes-for-bulk-sellWe buy and sell a grade of salvage and used shoes. This includes a mix of men’s, women’s, kids’ and sports shoes. Women’s shoes do not include heels higher than two inches. Damaged footwear, winter and rubber boots, slippers, flip flops, or ice and roller skates are removed. We work with some wholesale suppliers who have credential original donation shoes as well. Bank & Vogue buys and sells second-hand shoes, credential shoes which are still in good condition for resale. Used paired shoes are packed in capsacks or gaylords. We buy and sell full and partial loads of paired shoes and partial loads can be placed as part of combination loads. Full loads of paired shoes in capsacks or shoe bags can result in container loads that weigh approximately 30,000 pounds. Paired footwear is also packaged in gaylords for domestic transport and have a minimum target weight of 17,000 pounds.  

Buyer & Supplier Of Bulk Used Single Shoes

used-shoes-wholesaleAs importers and exporters, we are able to buy and sell full loads of single shoes as well. For suppliers, this product provides an opportunity to lower waste costs and increase revenue. For some of our global customers, single shoe products also provide additional opportunities in their local markets. This grade is similar to our paired shoes product and normally does not include heels over 2 inches, rubber boots and flip-flops. Single shoes are preferably packaged in capsacks as they support heavier loaded weights and are in higher demand. Full loads of paired shoes in capsacks or shoe bags can result in loads that weigh approximately 30,000 pounds and are for the export market only. We work directly with packaging companies in North America that can supply capsacks if required. The Bank & Vogue team can provide further assistance to support the collection and sorting of single shoes. Contact us today to begin your buying or selling process.

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